The legal age to vote in the United States of America is 18 years-old as of 1965. However, there are some students who might be registering to vote for the first time who can't answer 7 simple questions about the United States of America.

I think you will be amazed after watching this video. We know that President Obama won the younger American votes when he was recently elected for his second term in office. I wonder if some of the people in this video voted in the last Presidential Election.

Questions asked in the video.

  • What is the capital of Washington State?
  • Can you name one Democrat candidate in the 2012 campaign?
  • Do you know the name of the Vice President of the US?
  • In what war did the US gain its independence?
  • Name the countries that border the United States?
  • Name a country that starts with the letter "U"
  • How many stars are on the American flag?

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