While many Trump supporters expect "liberal" media sources to criticize the recent response and litigation from the Trump campaign since the November election, many are surprised to learn that a well-known conservative magazine has now posted an article titled 'Trump's Disgraceful Endgame.'

The editors of National Review describe their magazine and website as "The Conservative Standard." Founded in 1955 by William Buckley Jr. as "a magazine of conservative opinion." And now, it seems they've diverged from what might have been expected to be a supportive position of President Donald Trump.

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The basis for their opinion? While they believe his "unexpectedly robust performance helped put Republicans in a strong position for the post-Trump-presidency era," they see what they perceive to be his inability to "admit he lost" and his subsequent comments on TV and on social media as lacking.

The NR agrees with many conservative voices that "there are legitimate issues to consider after the 2020 vote about the security of mail-in ballots and the process of counting votes," they vehemently placed the "contention" we're reading in the headlines at the feet of Trump.

Some Trump-supporters have decried this as an unfair judgement of the President, who they claim has every right to fight against what he protests as a gross injustice.

Here's the full article if you'd like to take a look. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below and/or on our Facebook page.

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