The Bossier man is behind bars and, thankfully, he's now wearing an orange jumpsuit.

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like we see more naked folks around town than most others. Who could forget the man who stripped down to nothing and paraded around Diamond Jacks a couple of years ago? Now, we have ourselves another naked man in Bossier City.

This man was completely nude while dancing and jumping around all throughout a Bossier city hotel, although it's not clear which hotel he was in. According to the police report, he was in the 300 block of Preston in Bossier, which means he was either at the LaQuinta or Homewood Suites.

Either way, this guy was causing quite the disturbance at the hotel, giving hotel guests and staff much more than they cared to experience over the weekend. The man has not been intentied yet, but his age has been released. He is apparently 43 years old, which by my calculations is exactly 42 years too old to be naked in public.

Before Bossier PD arrived, the man was running around naked outside of the hotel, and also made his way inside the hotel and began dancing in front of hotel workers, and running in and out of hotel rooms. I'm getting major Party Boy vibes circa Jackass in the 2000's.

The man was arrested at the location and was booked with one felony charge of Obscenity.

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