I've met many a politician in my years of being in this business, but there is no doubt, Edwin Edwards is the most charming. You may not agree with his politics, but you should know how incredible he is at the game of politics.
The 93-year-old former Louisiana Governor has placed himself in hospice care after he was rushed to the hospital with lung issues over the weekend.

Edwards does tell reporters this does not mean he is at death's door. Edwards telling WAFB reporters:

While people assume that hospice means I'm dying, I assure everyone it's simply a matter of good and convenient care that is less trouble for everybody. I've made no bones that I have considered myself on borrowed time for 20 years and we each know that all this fun has to end at some point.

Hospice doctors and nurses will care for him at his home in Gonzalez.

Edwards has not been without controversy over his years in and out of government. He did eight years in the federal pen for public corruption.
In 2000 he was found guilty of extorting almost $3 million from companies that were trying to land casino licenses in Louisiana.

He is the only person to serve 4 terms as governor. He served from 1972-1980, 1984-1988, and 1992-1996. He also served in Congress for seven years.
Edwards will turn 94 on August 7th and is already planning his 95th birthday party next summer.

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