Senator John Kennedy talks the Biden administration's energy policy and the negative effects their moves, stopping the sale of 80 million acres in Gulf of Mexico oil leases, for one, will have on the American economy.

"The Biden administration's energy policy is...let's prohibit Americans from using our own oil, so we'll have to buy oil from foreign countries that hate us, so those foreign countries will have money to buy weapons to try to kill us.

"What the Biden administration's is is war on fossil fuels. To American - and especially to Louisiana - it's horrible. It's going to wreck our economy.

"It's going to effect petrochemical, oil, natural gas and shale. We don't know if they're coming for liquid natural gas next.

"We cannot run the greatest economy in the history of the world without fossil fuels and that's going to be the case at least for a long time. As I said the other day, my car doesn't run on fairy dust. It needs gasoline.

"This is more of the radicals that are in control of the Biden administration, they're left of Lenin. They really believe this socialism stuff."

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