United States Senator John Kennedy talks about the hearings to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court and the status of a second COVID 19 relief bill.

Kennedy, who sits on the Senate Judicial Committee, explains why the Democrat attacks against Judge Barrett have been so muted. "My Democratic colleagues on the committee are not dummies," the Senator begins, "When you've got a nominee this qualified, any good lawyer knows that you proceed very carefully. Judge Barrett testified for twenty hours. They hit her with everything but a chair! Any fair minded person who watched those hearings. Any fair minded person who has read her legal writings and opinions, any fair minded person who has talked to her students and colleagues know that she is a splendid choice in terms of temperament, in terms of integrity, in terms of intellect, in terms of judicial philosophy. My colleagues know that...on both sides of the aisle."

And the state's junior Senator addresses the status of a second Coronavirus relief bill in the Senate and House. "Senate Republicans spent a month putting together a fifth Coronavirus bill. It would cost $500 billion a year - that's five hundred thousand million dollars - ithat would provide an extra $300 a week in unemployment, more money for small business, more money for testing, more money for a vaccine, money to get our schools open...we've tried to pass it twice, as recently as yesterday (and) we haven't gotten a single Democratic vote. Speaker Pelosi doesn't want to pass a bill because she thinks it would help President Trump and hurt Vice President Biden."


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