United States Senator John Kennedy talks about his trip to the Texas, Mexico border and how President Biden has created a humanitarian crisis by signaling that the nation's southern border is wide open.

"Look, this was predictable," says the Senator, "Many of my Democrat colleagues, including President Biden, called all of us who believed in border security racists. But we implemented plans and practices so that when President Biden took office we had the most secure border in my lifetime. And what did he do the first day> He got rid of everything we did and people came flooding in."

On his recent visit to the border with other GOP lawmakers, Kennedy had this to say about the Biden policies. "This is a direct result of President Biden’s policies and it makes no sense. We need an immigration system that looks like somebody designed it on purpose, and this is not that. I mean it breaks your heart, and all of these people here have been used, and President Biden has allowed them to be used.

“The smugglers all know this. And you can see all the young children, all under the age of six, all of these families paid money to a smuggler to get them here. Many of them were abused or violated or hurt on their way here

"President Biden adopted a policy that the smugglers take advantage of - that if you come with the child, who’s under six years of age, and you get here, you’re released into our country."


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