Mike Johnson

People got so upset this week when we published a picture of the Mayor clean shaven and a photo of him with a beard. We simply asked which version you liked better.

So many of you got all bent out of shape about this being silly. Of course it's silly. This is not hard hitting journalism. We were simply trying to have a little fun. Even the Mayor made fun of himself the day after shaving.

Don't get so wound up about this for crying out loud. Holy Moly. Can we have a little fun every now and then. Jeez.

So here's round 2 of having a little fun. I noticed Congressman Mike Johnson is sporting a full beard these days. It makes him look a little older. What do you think of his new look. And if you think this is stupid and a waste of time, just chill and have fun for a minute. It won't kill you.


If this doesn't matter to you at all, I get it. But I just wanted to have a little fun at the expense of our Congressman today.

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