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Congressman Mike Johnson talks about Congressional Democrats second attempt to impeach Donald Trump and his role in the President's defense if the Senate moves to try Trump even after he leaves office.

First, the Congressman confirms that he will be part of the President's defense team if there is a Senate trial. "I've been asked to serve as one of his defense attorneys for the second impeachment trial" Johnson says, "We're trying to get it clear...because there are all these rules about it now. When there is a trial in the Senate, the President will no longer be the President. That's why all this is so absurd

"There are different rules that apply to the defense of a private citizen, The first question is, can (the Senate) impeach a private citizen? Can you have an impeachment after he's left office? This will be after the fact and that will be our first argument, that the Constitution doesn't anticipate or allow for this.

"It's an act of political retribution and the impeachment managers...have been very frank. (They say), "The real reason for this is we want to punish Donald Trump so he can never run for office again.' The problem is they're using a vehicle that was written to remove someone from office.

"Impeachment is a nuclear option to get somebody out of office if they're a danger to the Republic. Donald Trump is already out of office and this is further dividing us at the worst possible time."

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