Congressman Mike Johnson talks about the recent Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump and what he - and others - see as the unconstitutionality of the event.

Johnson first talks about the Democrats plan to keep Donald Trump in their political crosshairs. "It's all about political vengeance and political strategy. They believe Donald Trump is their best boogey-man," he says, "They''' try to drag out all the investigations and inquisitions and all the rest, because they think there's political advantage to it.

"It's a really sad abuse of their power and an utter waste of the American people's time."

And what about the recent impeachment trial in the Senate? "Senator (John) Kennedy said it better than anybody. 'The goal of impeachment is real clear. They're trying to equate the 75 million Trump voters in this country with all the rioters and extremists and criminals that ransacked the Capitol.'

"They used their majority power that they have in both houses," he says, "To engage in this political theater. They dragged the country through it, painful though it was, and that's the point. They want to bury Donald Trump and make sure he can never get anywhere near a political race again."


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