Congressman Mike Johnson talk about the latest Democrat COVID relief bill, legislation with a $2 trillion price tag and how less than 10% of the funding actually goes to Coronavirus relief.

"It's crazy," Johnson says, "It's one of the worst pieces of legislation we've ever seen. If it were to pass, it would mean that almost $6 trillion has been spent in past eleven months on COVID 19 stimilus.

"If you add that up, that's $17 thousand per person in this country. It's more than the GDP of all the nations on the planet earth, excluding the US and China!"

And then Johnson explains that, despite that incredible amount of money, less than 10% actually goes aid Coronavirus victims. "I put a chart up on social media last night," he says, "On this pie chart, less than 9% of the $1.9 trillion Biden Bail Out Bill goes to combat COVID 19. Meanwhile, over 27%, that's $500 billion goes to bail our Blue State governors. 25% will go to fund policies that will actually reduce private sector employment. 18% goes to the National Endowment for the Arts and there's $12 billion in there for foreign aid."

But, with the Democrat majority in both houses of Congress, can this legislation be stopped?  "They have a ten vote margin in the House, so it'll probably pass straight down party lines, "Johnson says, "We'll have to see what happens in the Senate. We're counting on reasonable Democrats...who may be able to stop this. You cannot keep printing money and expect no consequence. We have to reverse this (spending) ttrend or we're all going to be in trouble."


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