Congressman Mike Johnson talks about the ongoing crisis at the Mexican border, saying it could have all been avoided and is, in fact, a purposeful creation of the Biden administration.

"We are deeply concerned bout this," says the Congressman, "This a humanitarian crisis. Everybody knows that. We have almost twenty thousand unaccompanied minors in custody of the Customs and Border Control. The Biden administration - the President - has said it's open season. Basically they're inviting people from all over the world to come across the border illegally.

"It is madness. There's no COVID testing down there. And now they're going to start releasing illegal immigrant families into the country.

"This is crazy. And it was created by the policies of the Biden administration."

Johnson then speaks to the border crisis being a purposeful creation of the President and Democrats. "This is the most avoidable and predictable crisis, maybe in the history of the United States. Everyone knew what would happen.

"The Biden administration went in and literally did the opposite of everything the Trump administration was doing. If you go down there and talk to the Customs and Border Patrol Agents, they are desperate. They are completely overwhelmed and every single one of them points their finger at the White House."

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