SHREVEPORT, LA - Big changes are coming to one Shreveport restaurant. Cracker Barrel is known for home style food and the old timey atmosphere. But things will be changing. The national chain has a new CEO and she is putting a plan in place to update the restaurants.

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Julie Felss Masino says the company needs a "transformation."

(Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)
(Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

What Will Be Changing?

Masino says the company will make 3 big changes in an effort be more relevant in the restaurant business. She says new menu items will be rolled out at all 600 locations this fall.

Prices will also be adjusted to try to make things more affordable for families.

In some cases menu prices could be trimmed, but she also says some locations might see increased prices.

Masino says "we understand the lower-end consumer is challenged and value is and will remain an important part of the brand and we will work vigorously to protect it."


What New Food Items Are on the Way?

Premium savory chicken and rice
Slow-braised pot roast
Green chili cornbread
Banana pudding
Hashbrown casserole
Shepherd's pie

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store restaurant, banner now hiring, equal opportunity employer, on building, Flat Rock, North Carolina

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What Will Change at Locations?

The restaurants will also be remodeled. You will see different lighting, new colors and much more comfortable seating. The first phase of remodels will include about 30 locations over the next year. The company is also planning to open new locations in 2025. These restaurants will be about 15% smaller than current stores.

Masino says her goal is to make Cracker Barrel more relevant to its customers.

She is a former Taco Bell executive who stepped into the role of Cracker Barrel CEO in August. She says the company "has lost some of its shine" and needs a "transformation" to continue to appeal to its current customer base and draw new diners.

Why Are Changes Being Made?

It's all about the money. Sales at Cracker Barrel restaurants have flatlined over the past year and the company stock price is off by about 40%. The restaurant has lost a share of the market, specifically at dinner time.

Cracker Barrel has 10 locations in Louisiana.

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