Though he has yet to make any official announcement about a run for Governor, recently elected Senator John Kennedy is acting more and more every day like a man who has his eyes set on a home in Baton Rouge.

While questioning Attorney General Jeff Sessions at a Senate hearing Wednesday, Kennedy took the microphone and launched into criticism of New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu and his sanctuary city policy.

As perfectly explained by

"Landrieu (is) a perfect target for Kennedy, and when Attorney General Jeff Sessions arrives for a Senate hearing it’s a perfect time for target shooting. It’s even better that Sessions and Landrieu are locked in a battle of letters, the basic gist of which is that Sessions is making demands that New Orleans come into compliance with federal law on something pretty basic – namely, that when the police arrest someone who might be an illegal alien they notify ICE of this fact, so if that someone is in fact an illegal they might be placed in the deportation process."

Political analysts see Kennedy as, potentially, the strongest Republican challenger to incumbent John Bel Edwards and say the more the junior Senator criticizes Democrats back home, the greater the chance he'll be throwing his hat into that gubernatorial ring.

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