In what seems like a scene out of "The Princess Bride" these large semi-aquatic rodents are taking over a Texas neighborhood. They're essentially harmless but completely annoying and can cause quite a big of damage!

Nutria- also known as river rats- are taking over lakes in neighborhoods in Katy, Texas. These rodents are known to inhabit Central Texas eastward as well as marshes, swamps, ponds and lakes on the Texas Coast. And according to The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department they are the most unwanted animal in the state!

Texas river rat invasive
Sebastien Bloesch via Unsplash

Native to South America, you can find out how they even came to the Lone Star state here, these rodents have been known to roam the area, however, according to Katy Magazine lately the nutria rat has been spotted more and more than usual!

Nutria, which resemble a beaver, are essentially harmless to humans, however the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department say that these river rats can cause damage to aquatic life. They told

Nutria can cause damage by burrowing which can lead to erosion, damage roads and more. Nutria also eat aquatic vegetation. This can kill aquatic vegetation, causing erosion and loss of habitat for other species.

katarina Sterna via Unsplash
katarina Sterna via Unsplash

With nutria populations this high, many are trying to protect the lakes with wiring to prevent nutria from damaging them; and experts are looking for ways to control the species before it gets really out of control!

Nutria are just trying to live their life- while causing chaos along the way. However, I think they know they're famous; they were after all the inspiration for the ROUSes in "The Princess Bride"- although they were much bigger in the movie!

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