Horses are some of the most beautiful and majestic beings on planet Earth. They are also a very loving and intelligent animal. You'll even run across a horse or two that have a big personality. One such horse isn't native to Texas but I do believe would be welcome in our state just based on her personality. Her name is Pretty and she is a 7-year-old Chesnutt mare that lives in Ontario, Canada and she loves her rock music.

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Music Preferences

Personally, I've been a rocker at heart since I discovered the music genre in my tween years. I really gravitated toward the grunge era of rock music in the late 80's and early 90's which lead to a love of heavy metal, too. Metallica is my all time favorite band. That's why I can consider Pretty my spirit animal. She loves heavy metal, too, and will head bang with the best of them when her favorite song comes on.

Pretty Head Banging

@emilyautumnmoto Slipknot is 100/10! @Slipknot ♬ original sound - Autumn Purdy

The TikTok channel for Autumn Purdy has been getting a lot of visits lately after viewers got a look at her horse Pretty rocking out to Slipknot. Other videos can be seen on her channel of Pretty head banging to songs by Shinedown, Rage Against the Machine, Motorhead and others.

@emilyautumnmoto @Shinedown is 1000/10 @Lauri Norris we have your horse #rockhorse ♬ original sound - Autumn Purdy

@emilyautumnmoto Maybe the chorus is better #rockhorse ♬ original sound - Autumn Purdy

@emilyautumnmoto The happy face at the end says it all. 10/10 slow jam for @Motörhead Official ♬ original sound - Autumn Purdy

Not a Fan of Country Music

I am also a fan of country music which you wouldn't think being the rocker that I am. But Pretty isn't a fan of the all. So much so that she will literally turn her butt toward the music when it's played.

@emilyautumnmoto Replying to @Alex Hooft inside for our routine vaccines (the abuse i know ) Sorry @morganwallen , @Pantera ♬ original sound - Autumn Purdy

Quick Shot of Endorphins

It doesn't matter if you're a fan of rock, jazz, R&B, rap, country or any other music genre, you will certainly get a smile out of watching Pretty having a blast listening to her favorite music.

Check out Autumn's TikTok Channel and see all of Pretty's head banging antics for yourself.

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