This is Father's Day weekend and I want to wish a happy Father's Day to all the great dads in our area. I know you think your dad is the best, but I had a pretty incredible Father.

My dad lost his mother when he was just 7 years old. He was an only child and was raised by his dad who was the town barber in Gulfport, Mississippi. He left home to join the Marines when he was just a teenager and quickly shipped off to the South Pacific. He was involved in several campaigns during WWII, including Okinawa. My Dad was awarded the Bronze Star for rescuing wounded Marines from the battlefield while under heavy enemy fire.

Dad never talked about this. In fact, he never talked about the war. He just went about raising his large family and loving life. From life as an only child, he was instrumental in helping raise all 6 of his children. He had a special bond with each of us.

If you have your Dad still with you, cherish him. There will come a time when he's gone and you will long for one more moment with him. Get a tissue when you watch my video. I wrote my annual letter to Dad and it helps me remember what a strong role he played in shaping the person I am today. God Bless You Dad. I love you.

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