State Representative Cedric Glover talks about his proposed legislation that would merge Louisiana State University in Shreveport and Ruston's Louisiana Tech University.

Glover tells KEEL listeners that if the schools were to join, "You would not be creating a new system. It would be the Shreveport campus of Louisiana Tech." The former Shreveport Mayor emphasizes that the move would "maximize the growth potential of this region, because we lack the university infrastructure necessary to be able to match up with what it is we have the potential to do."

Glover then says he hopes that joining the two universities would positively effect Shreveport's Kings Highway medical corridor. "Hopefully what you would see is a greater integration of programs, programs that should be connected and coordinated with (Shreveport's) medical school." But, he continues, "We don't do that here because we exist in our individual silos, LSUS silos, Tech silos, as opposed to doing what is in the best interest of our region."

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