The city of Shreveport's twelve-year-old "saggy pants" law is expected to be repealed by the City Council at its next meeting in June. The measure, which allows police to cite anyone wearing trousers far below the waist, was passed into law in 2007 after it was introduced by Councilman Calvin Lester and signed by Mayor Cedric Glover.

The measure to repeal, authored by first-term Councilwoman LeVette Fuller, who criticized the legality of the original measure and saying that it "targets a specific subculture."

But what was the original purpose of the law? 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty talk about the bill's initial intent, which according to then-Mayor Glover was part of his Operation Take Back Our Neighborhoods Everyday program. And what does the former mayor think of the current debate? " What's happening on all sides of the issue is uninformed, ill-informed and reactionary."


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