Robert and Erin spoke this morning with Councilwoman LeVette Fuller about the DOA Bond Proposal in Shreveport, but the tone quickly changed to the city's crime issues.

Wednesday around 5PM, shots rang out on Line Avenue. Two vehicles were rolling down the busy street shooting at one another. 28 year old Taylor Bowers died in the gunfight, and another man was severely wounded. The Councilwoman was upset (to say the least) about the violent and dangerous incident happening in her district and throughout the city.

"It's so frustrating because our resources are being stretched so thin. I talked to one officer, and every time I talk to him the only thing he thinks will stop crime is more police. And there are those on the humanitarian side that say police only respond and react to crime and don't stop it. So we have cultural and societal issues that we need to deal with..."

As you can hear in the video above the Fuller starts becoming audibly irritated as the interview goes on which prompts Erin to exclaim "You sound pissed!". To which Councilwoman Fuller replies:

"I stay ticked off about this! And, it's happening so often that you wonder if you're not getting normalized to it. And, there are people who say that this is only happening in isolated neighborhoods. This is stuff that is the result of whatever internal domestic issues that are happening. Well, that stops being something that you can use as an excuse when it's rolling down my street! It's not OK when children are hiding in bathtubs!"

It seems that we're all getting a bit worn-out over the crime in the city.


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