One of the items on the agenda later today (October 27) for the City Council will be to vote on a pay raise for Shreveport's police and firemen. The plan, which has been under discussion since mid-summer, is expected to be approved, most likely by a 4 to 3 vote.

But the major question is, will the measure, if passed, be vetoed by Mayor Adrian Perkins? According to, "Supporters fear a possible veto from Mayor Adrian Perkins. His Chief Administrative Officer, Henry Whitehorn, has repeatedly stated the administration's opposition."

It is anticipated that Democrat LeVette Fuller (District B) will join with Republicans James Flurry (District C), Grayson Boucher (District D) and John Nickelson (District E) to pass the measure.

Democrat Councilman Jerry Bowman (District G) is on the record as being against the raise. It is anticipated that Councilman James Green (District F) and Councilwoman Tabatha Taylor (District A) will side with Bowman on the vote.

The measure will give a 13% raise to SPD officers to be paid for by the elimination of 33 positions that are currently unfilled. The 4% raise for Shreveport firemen will be covered by EMS fees and related revenues.

Shreveport Police Chief Ben Raymond and both of the unions representing the city's officers are backing the proposal.

Should the raises get the approval of the council, but then face a veto from Mayor Perkins, the council would need a five vote "super-majority" to override.



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