Councilwoman Levette Fuller talks about the return of Shreveport water to its citizens and how to better prepare for future - and inevitable - trouble.

The District B representative is adamant that the city must be better prepared for the next crisis, no matter what it might be. "It cures nothing...for me to say we should have know better about this, that, or the other, even if I think it. What does help me is to sayis that I've been taking every note that I can possibly take on everything that we need to be prepared for in the future, so that we're never caught with our pants down like this again.

"I think that there are certain calculated risks that we should have been given the opportunity to take, be it for adapting existing equipment for dealing with snow, be it staging prior to this incident, so that people were in place closer to where repairs needed to be done, so that they could do the work, rather than be stranded at home unable to come to work and be part of the solution. That might be one of the bigger ones for me.

"If this community has a situation like this again, be it drought, be it snow, be it flooding and we're not ready to respond better than this...than we're all going to hell. There won't be an excuse at that point."

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