Louisiana Attorney General talks about the threat of less than scrupulous contractors, etc., as post-ice storm repairs begin across Louisiana.

"Just like we do during hurricanes, our Consumer Protection Division and our Consumer Outreach folks are spread out around the state giving good information to our citizens so that they don't fall prey to scam artists.

"Those fraudsters are especially dialed in on consumers when they're at their weakest point, at a point when they really need some help. One of the things we put out there on our consumer site is a model contract that you can use."

Landry then references a number of consumer safety ideas on the state AG site, including "Take a Selfie with Your Contractor" and other ideas to insure the safety of folks consumers in the throes of home repair.

To find out more about the Attorney General's consumer protection website, including information and tips on rebuilding safely, JUST CLICK HERE!

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