City Councilwoman LeVette Fuller talks about her plan to increase pay for Shreveport Police Department officers and the possibility of the council considering, as Fire Chief Scott Wolverton put it, "a sustainable revenue source" to fund raises.

Fuller talks about her plan to reallocate money currently going to the SPD for salaries for about fifty open department positions. "I'm no really sure what's going to happen at today's meeting," Fuller says, looking ahead to Tuesday afternoon. "I think that the fastest route to a raise for fire is to get police taken care of now. Then I think police will go really hard for the fire department."

Fuller adds that, given his previous statements of public opposition, SPD Chief Ben Raymond could publicly oppose her plan at Tuesday's session. "I think they're going to be consistent in the push back and resistance to this plan...but I don't understand how you can have revenue for them as vacancies, but suddenly if you turn them into a raise it's not fair, unless we've been using those vacancies as cushion for something else."

And the District B Councilwoman addresses the willingness of the body to take up the idea of a tax increase or monthly  public safety fee. "I don't know if the temperature, I don't know if the forecast for Shreveport is ready for that without us looking inward first.," emphasizing that her constituents are more in favor of trimming the city budget first.


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