City Councilwoman LeVette Fuller talks about her request for a Department of Justice investigation into the the Shreveport Police Department.

Fuller has introduced a measure that will voted on by the City Council, a move that calls for a "pattern and process" investigation of the SPD by that federal department. The first term councilwoman says that a review of Shreveport Police procedures is necessary in the wake of recent police custody deaths of Wavey Austin, Anthony Childs, and Tommie McGlothen Jr.

"I believe that we need an external investigation," says Fuller. "I believe that the closer you are the more likely there is to be bias. When you start trying to research which department or agency there is to do it...ultimately the best agency would be the Department of Justice to do this."

"The reason I'm asking for it," she continues, "I'm concerned we have an inordinate number of complaints, an inordinate use of force and it may not seem like a problem inside (the SPD) because of the training."

Fuller also comments on previous statements she'd made, including that "the community does not trust the police" and "our community does not feel safe." People say - and I've heard it a number of times ," Fuller says, "I have the feeling that something isn't right and I'm not the only one who feels that way. I don't think it's a matter of one person. I think it's the culture. It's a culture of how we train and how we place people after their training. I think it's a matter of how people in leadership were trained, how they view the issues and how they respond to the issues."

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