Bishop Larry Brandon of Shreveport's Praise Temple remembers the Shreveport Six, the children who tragically drowned in the Red River ten years ago.

"It was a devastating day," Brandon recalls, "To receive that phone call and hear about those precious babies. It was so surreal.It touched my heart like no other time in my entire ministry."

Brandon also remembers being pastor at a special vigil for the children. "I pastored three of the children (at Praise Temple). To have the family hour at our church that Friday evening with those six caskets lying in state in our sanctuary, I will never forget it. The on the Saturday morning, the (service) for those who were members of Praise Temple, it changed my view as it relates to family"

State Representative Cedric Glover was Mayor of Shreveport ten years ago. He, too, remembers hearing the news. "It was a 'where-were-you-moment,'" Glover recalls. "For me, this was mine. I got a call from then Fire Chief Brian Crawford and those words always will resonate...'we've got six in the water down at the Red Rover and it has quickly transitioned from a rescue to a recovery.'"

Glover, who had been on his way to an after hours meeting, immediately headed to the location. "It was chaotic," he says, "An overwhelming grief being expressed by those who were there, just a great deal of pain and suffering and just trying to come to grips and understand what was transpiring."


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