Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover and Shreveport Fire Chief Craig Mulford addressed the media this afternoon to discuss the recent revelation about an investigation into several firefighters at Fire Station 8.

"There is an on-going investigation into alleged criminal activity at Fire Station 8," Chief Mulford explained.  "My department is fully cooperating with this investigation and I am taking the proper disciplinary steps as we proceed."

The investigation is into at least three Shreveport firefighters who have been charged with cruelty to the infirm and principal to prostitution.  Chief Mulford also confirmed three additional firefighters are on administrative leave.

"This all relates to a single shift, at a single fire station and does not represent circumstances that could be attributed to any of the other 21 fire stations across the city."

So, what happened?

"I'm not going to share any information into details about this investigation until this investigation is concluded."

Mulford reminded the media that Shreveport is a Class 1 fire department and that achievement doesn't happen overnight.  However, being a Class 1 fire department only refers the effectiveness of a fire department to put out fires, not on ethics or criminality of a department's members.

"I will not tolerate the honorable men and women of this city, our citizens and the members of the Shreveport Fire Department, to have their integrity or their character impeached by the alleged allegations of the small few," Mulford added.

The incident was brought to the fire chief's attention on June 24th.

"This ongoing investigation into this matter started on June 26th.  It had been ongoing since then.  And if someone has given you some information or made a statement that otherwise happened, that is not true."

Mayor Glover learned about the incident late last month.

"As mayor, I am disturbed and concerned about what's been reported," the mayor stated through a prepared speech.

"Am I disappointed?" asked Mulford aloud.  "Let me remind you of this.  These are allegations, okay?  These men are under investigation and until they are found guilty, these are alleged.  Okay?  If this happened at one of our fire stations... yes, to say that I'm disappointed would be an understatement."

The police and fire departments are conducting parallel investigations into the matter.  The three firefighters arrested so far are: 37-year-old Billy Glass, 50-year-old Derrick Harris, and 26-year-old Clint Richardson.