January of 2022 Louisiana Was Distraught With the News of a Buc-ee’s Opening in Mississippi.

Mississippi earned that beaver love. South Mississippi will have a new destination, yes, we all know that Buc-ee's has become a destination of sorts. Not only did Buc-ee's come in with a lot of money, but Harrison County also invested over $15 million into infrastructure to support the development surrounding Buc-ee's. Good things happen when Buc-ee's moves into a town.

Buc-ee's May Finally Open Its First Louisiana Location in North Louisiana.

According to the Shreveport Times, the city of Ruston has been tapped to bring this tourist destination to Louisiana. Ruston's City Council released its agenda for Monday's meeting. Why did that catch so much attention? The name CSMS Management LLC popped up.

Why Is the Name of This LLC Turning Heads?

This LLC has been associated with many Buc-ee developments' early stages. Ruston's City Council's agenda lists an item authorizing the city to enter a "cooperative endeavor agreement with CSMS Management LLC" according to the Shreveport Times.

Krystal Montez
Krystal Montez

Ruston Would be a Perfect Spot for a Buc-ee's.

It's right in between the Terrell, Texas, and Leeds, Alabama locations. It would keep anyone driving down I-20 happy with the thought of a clean restroom just down the road.

Now, We All Sit and Pray That the Stars Align for the First Ever Buc-ee's Louisiana Location.

Seriously this is one of the most exciting possibilities for I-20 in Louisiana.

What Other States Besides Texas Have a Buc-ee's Location?

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Mississippi all have massive gas stations. We are all eager and hopeful that Louisiana can soon proudly add its name to the list of Buc-ee's locations.

Krystal Montez
Krystal Montez

Is Louisiana to Blame for Not Getting a Buc-ee's?

Back in 2016 there Buc-ee's was geared and ready to move into Baton Rouge, although Buc-ee's never disclosed why they killed the project, someone affiliated with the gas station giant told the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report that "the stars did not align in Louisiana."

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