We are learning more details on what exactly happened at Shreveport's Fire Station Eight and more are asking about Shreveport Fire Chief Craig Mulford's role.

In Tuesday's news conference, Mulford told the local media that he learned about what happened at Fire Station Eight on June 24th and that an internal investigation began on the 26th.

Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover says he was informed of what happened at the end of July.

Mulford would not explain what happened at the fire station during the news conference, except that what is being reported is just an allegation.

But KEEL News learned yesterday what happened.

According to a department source, the accused allegedly hired a prostitute to have sex with a mentally-disabled man who has hung around the fire station for the past 25 years. They also allegedly hazed this man and another mentally-disabled man by being the butt of jokes, told to roll over and bark like a dog, or drank urine when they were told it was beer.

And, according to our source, nothing was done about it until the FBI was called in.