I try to stay calm, most of the time, but this gets me heated just to think someone in state government thinks we should buy this claim.

It all started when State Rep Cedric Glover has been pointing to a disparity in funding for the safety net hospitals for many months. He's trying to address this now with legislation.
Glover has always claimed the local hospital gets only 32 cents on the dollar compared to what the New Orleans Hospital gets.

He wants a full audit done so we can find out how much is paid per patient at all safety net hospitals. The bill would also call for changes to bring parity to all of them. But during the debate in the House Appropriations Committee, DHH Under Secretary Jeff Reynolds told the panel the New Orleans hospital gets more money because the patients are sicker in NOLA. Really? New Orleans gets more money because they are sicker?

I didn't use foul language, but I got fired up today about this.

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