Caddo Commissioner Stormy Gage Watts talks about the prayer vigil planned for downtown Shreveport this evening, a vigil to pray for the victims of violence, their families and the future of the city.

Watts is hosting the event along with Shreveport Councilwoman Tabatha Taylor and State Representative Tammy Phelps. "The three of us are mothers. We believe prayer changes people and circumstances," Watts says, "We are doing this to be a hope in our community. I believe that hope is lost right now. As I've said from the beginning, this is a fight that we're all in. We need peace in our community. Grandmothers should not be running from gunfire. Mothers should be raising their children, not burying their children."

"We believe that there's strength in numbers," Watts continues, adding that only good can come of an assembly where people come together and pray.

The Commissioner then relates conversations with some of her constituents. "When I talk to people who have lost hope...they don't know what is next for Shreveport. What's going to happen if we continue to go down this road of burying children, being afraid to go to the grocery store, being afraid to sit in the front rooms of your home because it could be riddled with bullets."
Watts then repeats that the prayer vigil will take place today (September 2) AT 5:15 at downtown Shreveport's Government Plaza. A number of local leaders, both political and religious, will be in attendance and the public is invited. "We haven't given up on Shreveport," Watts concludes. "We love this place. We want the entire community to prosper."

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