The Mayor and city leaders have been busy looking at all possible alternatives for a clean city fee to give sanitation workers a pay raise and to boost the city's dwindling reserve fund.

The Mayor's Communications Manager, Ben Riggs and the Chief Technology Officer, Keith Hanson joined us to talk about the fee and we brought up several of the compromise proposals city council members have been discussing.

We also talked about scrubbing the budget and finding ways to save money.  Some have suggested it's too soon to talk about news fees before finding cost savings in the city budget.

There is a finance committee meeting today.  Several council members are expected to bring up possible compromise solutions.  Most have told KEEL News they are more inclined to support a new fee closer to the $10 dollar range.  Mayor Ollie Tyler proposed a $12 garbage fee four years ago, but that was shot down before ever getting to a vote before the council.

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