SHREVEPORT, LA - Do you love to travel? Then you might wanna know about this list of cities you should try to avoid.

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A couple of cities in Texas have made the top 10 list of cities that should be 'avoided at all costs'. The Vacationer released its list of cities that travelers should avoid,

We selected 34 cities based on a combination of population size and visitor popularity to get a variety of major US cities across the country. Then, we asked Americans which of these cities they avoid traveling to at all costs.


What Cities Are in the Top 5 Cities to Avoid?

Detroit is #1

Chicago #2

Atlanta #3

New York #4

Baltimore #5


The Report Says:

Detroit, Michigan is the winner of major US cities that Americans avoid traveling to at all costs. – Detroit, Michigan is the major US city most avoided by American travelers. Nearly 23% of American adults stated they would avoid traveling to Detroit at all costs. This means nearly a quarter of Americans will not travel to Detroit under any circumstances.

What Texas Cities Make the List?

8. Austin, Texas. — 15.42%
10. Dallas, Texas. — 14.34%
13. Houston, Texas. — 13.16%
29. San Antonio, Texas. — 9.14%

New Orleans Marks 300th Anniversary Of Its Founding
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One Louisiana city is on the list of places to avoid at all costs. New Orleans lands at #28 on the list. More than 9% of travelers say they will never visit the Crescent City.

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