SHREVEPORT, LA - We still don't know what's going to happen next with the Bossier Charter Review Commission. Only 3 of the 9 members showed up for last weeks' meeting. Things quickly devolved into a name calling debacle between the Chairman of the Commission, Preston Friedley and acting City Attorney Richard Ray. Both men called the other a "liar".
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The meeting was adjourned and there was an attempt to hold another meeting last Thursday and again today. Not enough members could attend.

What Is the New Twist?

Chairman Friedley sent out an email on Friday stepping down from the panel.
"After much prayer and thought and discussion with my family, I feel it will be in the best interest of Bossier City if I step down as Chairman and resign from my position as a member of the Bossier City Charter Review Commission."
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Friedley adds:

It is my hope that you will be able to get a majority of the members together to finish the business that the Charter Review Commission has started and worked on for the last six months. Please pass on my appreciation to all the other members of the commission who have given their valuable time to work through this important process.
Also, I appreciate what you and Ms. Nottingham have brought to the table with your expertise and knowledge. Thank you to the many staff members who have given time to review the charter and given us their valuable input and insight.
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Ray sent this message to Commission Members:

Please join me in thanking Mr. Friedley for his efforts thus far. The significant progress we have made is due in large part to his leadership for the past six months.
Ray says he is "looking into the issue created by the resignation of Mr. Friedley and what options the group has going forward. I welcome any other input and research on the issue. I am working on some options for future meetings and will send that to the group no later than tomorrow."

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