ABC has picked up American Idol and auditions are being held across the country this summer. There is a Shreveport stop on the bus tour later this year.
In fact, American Idol auditions will be held in nearly every state.

The show was a big winner for Fox for fifteen years, but its popularity faded over the past couple of years and Fox pulled the plug. ABC is dusting off the formula for the show and is repackaging it.

The nationwide search for talent kicks off on Thursday, August 17th in Portland, Oregon. The stop in Shreveport is set for Monday September 4th.

Here's the list of other stops on the bus tour:

Portland, OR - August 17
Orlando, FL - August 17
Miami, FL - August 19
Oakland, CA - August 20
Atlanta, GA - August 22
Provo, UT - August 23
Charleston, SC - August 25
Denver, CO - August 26
Asheville, NC - August 27
Omaha, NE - August 29
Louisville, KY - August 30
Tulsa, OK - September 1
Pittsburgh, PA - September 3
Shreveport, LA - September 4
Annapolis, MD - September 5
Muscle Shoals, AL - September 7
Boston, MA - September 8
Chicago, IL - September 11
New Orleans, LA - September 14
(Locations and dates subject to change.)

The minimum age to audition is 15. You can also audition online.

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