Former LSU baseball star Alex Bregman is still celebrating his win in the World Series with the Houston Astros. He joined fellow Astros Jose Altuve and George Springer to make a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live where they made a new fan in SNL cast member Leslie Jones.

The 23-year old Astro's third baseman won the World Series on Wednesday night over the Dodgers in Los Angeles, flew back to Houston to celebrate with a parade on Friday.

Jones was cracking jokes about the Astros when Weekend Update host Colin Jost mentioned the Yankees' ALCS series loss to the Astros, prompting the three players to confront Jones in an attempt to change her mind.

"Since we already know that you don't actually watch baseball, we wanted to give you a gift today," Springer quipped as Bregman handed Jones a custom Astros jersey so she could "jump on the bandwagon, too." Altuve also handed Jones an Astros hat and signed baseball.

Jones took back her earlier comments and congratulated the guys. She did mentioned Carlos Correa's proposal to his girlfriend at the end of Game 7 before getting another dig at Altuve.

"It was so romantic, it looked like this dude on one knee right now," Jones said of Altuve's height.

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