SHREVEPORT, LA - There is a bumper crop of one product this year, but do we really want it?  I'm not sure about that. And the explanation about what's happening is very bizarre. This bumper crop might lead to an increase in the squirrel population.

What Is Going On?

Every few years, oak trees have what is called a "mast year". That's when they overproduce acorns. Experts don't really know the science behind it. This typically happens every two to five years and can vary by regions in the country.
Scientists are already reporting that this looks like a mast year in the northeast and other parts of the country are also expecting to see a large amount of acorns too.

What states will be impacted the most?

Go Tree reports Alaska has the most trees in the United States with more than 31 billion. Texas is 2nd on the list with more than 15 billion trees. But Texas has the most oak trees, so this bumper crop of acorns will be felt the most in the Lone Star State.

Louisiana has 3.5 billion trees.

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