Firefighters responding to a call at Ford Park in West Shreveport on Sunday faced obstacles and harassment while doing their job.


One firefighter posted this on social media after making the call at the park.

Other firefighters say racial slurs were shouted at them in addition to water balloons being thrown at them. The park was packed with a couple of hundred people at the time of this incident.

KEEL News reached out to Police Chief Ben Raymond to find out what happened in the park and to get details on any arrests that might have been made. The Chief sent us this response:

No arrests were made. We responded to several calls on Sunday regarding loud music, loitering and water balloons being thrown at citizens. Officers detained one person for throwing a water balloon at another individual but the victim did not want to pursue charges.

Fire Chief Scott Wolverton sent KEEL this statement:

"I can confirm that this happened. I spoke with the crew and they responded there on Sunday Evening for an EMS call. While treating the patient a large crowd was gathered and began throwing water balloons and making offensive remarks to the firefighters. Due to the aggressive nature of the crowd, the Captain had the crew rapidly load the patient in the Medic Unit and they exited the unsafe scene. I do not know what cause the aggressive behavior, however, I am working with SPD to ensure our Firefighters are kept safe while responding to emergency calls. I would have to say this greatly concerns me as our Firefighters usually are not faced with this type of aggression. We responded to a citizens call for help and were interfered with in the performance of delivering that care. There is an ordinance that makes this an illegal act."