Shreveport, Louisiana is getting a lot of attention as of Wednesday, December 22nd. In case you didn't know, Terry Bradshaw and his family have their very own reality show and it's a lot more relatable compared to The Kardashians, this one is called "The Bradshaw Bunch".

In this episode, Terry Bradshaw goes back to his roots, where it all started for him in Shreveport, Louisiana.

First, we see Terry Bradshaw receive the key to the city. Bradshaw reunites with previous teammates and even some of his coaches. It was so heartwarming to see. Check out the clip below.

What would a trip back home be like without going to see your childhood home? Terry Bradshaw had his whole crew with him, his daughters Rachel, Erin, and Lacey got to see where Terry Bradshaw grew up.

The funny part is when Terry Bradshaw confuses houses and is convinced they're in front of his childhood home up until a producer corrects him that his actual childhood home is down the street. Let's give Terry a break, he hadn't seen that home in over 65 years.

Terry Bradshaw keeps his show packed with humor, when the owner of the house that he grew up in opens the door Terry doesn't skip a beat and says "What are you doing in my house?".

We Love Seeing Terry Bradshaw Take Over Shreveport for a Day

Our only wish is that we would come to visit his hometown more often. Maybe since he now has the key to the city we can expect to see him more often.

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