Some of the biggest football news of the last couple of weeks has been the announcement of the National Football League's Top 100 Players of All Time. Some of those players are obvious: Jim Brown, Jerry Rice and Lawrence Taylor, among others.

But perhaps the most controversial sub-list of the Top 100 was the naming of the best ten quarterbacks to ever walk on an NFL field. Those named included Peyton Manning, Joe Montana, Brett Favre, and John Unitas. But among those missing included, not only Saints QB Drew Brees, but Shreveport's very own four-time Super Bowl winner Terry Bradshaw.

Despite leading the Pittsburgh Steelers to four Lombardi Trophies, Bradshaw played in a time when the rules were, well, not quite as protective of players - especially signal callers - as they are today.

So, maybe our native son Bradshaw may not have made this list, but, no doubt, after looking at the video evidence, you'll agree, the Shreveport Woodlawn High grad may have been, not only among the all-time-greats, but one of the toughest to ever to play the game!

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