Shreveport's Terry Bradshaw has been relativity outspoken against the protest that Colin Kaepernick started last year when he took a knee during the National Anthem before his NFL games. He appeared on Fox News last year to say he

"has a problem when people in this country don't respect our flag and national anthem"

But fast forward roughly 12 months, Bradshaw has altered his stance after the President referred to any athlete who protests as a "son of a bitch". He made his voice heard Sunday morning before the NFL action on Fox.

Bradshaw expressed, what appeared to be, disgust at the President on Sunday. He gave a brief monologue that contained the following:

"It’s hard to believe I’m going to say something about the most powerful man in the greatest country of the world. I was somewhat surprised that the president came out attacking NFL players for them exercising the freedom of speech.

While I don’t condone the protest during our national anthem, this is America. If our country stands for anything, folks, what, it’s freedom. people die for that freedom. I’m not sure if our president understands those rights, that every American has the right to speak out and also to protest.”

Bradshaw is an NFL Hall of Fame player who won 4 Super Bowls with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He's a native of Shreveport, who played high school football at Woodlawn before playing his college football at Louisiana Tech.

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