Shreveport's very own NFL Hall of Famer quarterback, Terry Bradshaw, is arguably the most famous Shreveport native ever. Recently he's been back around his old stomping grounds of Louisiana Tech for their graduation ceremonies.

Apparently when he's not singing and dancing as a giant deer on TV, he's cutting video shout outs to people. One of those shout outs happened to be aimed at one of our co-workers in our Shreveport office. Here in Shreveport/Bossier Kristen Young is the master of website presence. She can help any business establish a massive footprint on all of the web content that matters. Oh, and help build a sweet website too.

Anyway, Terry cut this video for our Townsquare Lafayette coworker Casey Adrienne Leleux, as well as our office-mate Kristen. Check it out here

The Hall of Famer naming two new Hall of Famers...pretty cool. Also, congrats to both Casey and Kristen for helping thousands of businesses find their way in the weird world of the internet!

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