Yesterday, I was involved in one of the biggest (and dumbest) arguments I've ever been involved in at work: Who is the most famous person from Shreveport/Bossier? Jay Whatley from K945 passionately laid his argument for why he believes Jared Leto, actor and frontman for the band 30 Seconds to Mars, is the most famous person from the area. You can read his case here. Robert J Wright and dozens of others in the building said Terry Bradshaw is the most famous person to come from our region.

Now, if we're talking domestically, to me the answer is Terry. Dude has been an American treasure and national icon for what...40 plus years? He's one of the greatest quaterbacks of all time, is on a show viewed by 40 million people weekly, has been featured in numerous movies and television shows as himself...I mean Terry has done it all. Leto is a great charter actor, an Oscar winner, one hell of a musician...but I just don't think he's more recognizable than Bradshaw.

Now, if we're talking international fame and recognition, I truly believe Lead Belly is the most famous Shreveport native. He's widely considered one of the most influential musical artists of all time, there are festivals and events all over the world dedicated to his work....I mean who is bigger than that? George Harrison once said without Lead Belly there would be no Beatles.

But, either way, the most famous person from Shreveport is NOT Jared Leto.

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