The Tron franchise sputtered out again after Tron: Legacy, which arrived in theaters 28 years after the original movie. Seven years after Legacy, rumors first bubbled up that Jared Leto wanted to join the franchise about an elaborate digital world of sentient programs that exists on “The Grid.” There was little movement on the project after that, until earlier this summer, when more rumors about a Jared Leto Tron started hitting the Grid — excuse me, the internet.

Today, Deadline suggests this movie is gaining momentum, with Garth Davis “tapped to direct the pic starring Jared Leto.” The Australian-born Davis is best known for smaller films like Lion, which got an Oscar nomination for Best Picture in 2016, and Mary Magdalene starring Rooney Mara as the Biblical figure. Nothing in his filmography suggests an affinity for this sort of massive, effects-heavy science-fiction, but there’s always a first time. Deadlines notes that Davis’ involvement “signals the next installment may finally happen” but that the movie still does not have a green light from Disney.

I rewatched Tron: Legacy in late 2019, and felt pretty much the same way I did when it came out: That it’s a great-looking, great-sounding bad movie. A director like Davis might be better qualified to inject some of the stuff that was missing from the last Tron, like interesting characters and a story you genuinely care about. As long as the third movie maintains the eye-popping visuals (and especially if they can convince Daft Punk to make more Tron music) they’re in business.

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