Bossier City Native Jared Leto and his rumored associates at Jerrick Media have been named in a lawsuit by Penthouse over the 1979 Italian-American erotic film "Caligula" and other trademark infringement issues, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  Leto has reportedly been in talks to create, and possibly star in a sci-fi anthology as a partner with the company based in Englewood, New Jersey.

The trouble started years ago, around the year 2000.  Jarrick CEO Jeremy Frommer bought erotic photography, films and historical documents, and several other items associated with Penthouse and famed erotic photographer and producer Robert Charles Joseph Edward Sabatini "Bob" Guccione.  Penthouse claimed that he then started selling the items for sale online and would allow anyone to view Caligula online for a fee.  In 2013, both parties dismissed their claims with no further dispute - until now.

According to the new complaint, Jerrick Media is now planning to produce new sci-fi content under the OMNI trademarks.  OMNI was a sci-fi magazine that explored both the practical side of cutting edge science and the inspirational side of the popular sci-fi at the time.  It featured the works of artists and authors that are still transforming the entertainment landscape.  Some of these artists were destined for greatness, like George R. R. Martin, who brought us Game of Thrones - and H. R. Giger who would go on to design the aliens in Alien.  Kathy Keeton founded this visionary publication with help of Guccione, who would later become her husband.  The suit claims that Leto's new project will use the OMNI legacy to enhance the product.

The entire official filing can be read here.

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