Friends and readers, it is with a heavy heart that I must report that our boy Jared Leto is at it again. Though, in another sense, a man who is never not at it cannot truly be at it again, and Leto never seems to let up from being at it. At what, you may ask? Take your pick: he’s gonna play Andy Warhol, he wants to return to the DC Extended Universe as the Joker, he’s allegedly prepping a new 30 Seconds to Mars album, he runs Fandor now for some reason, and he’ll soon make his debut as a feature director with a thriller about Patty Hearst. Indeed, Jared Leto is in a state of perpetual at-it-ness, the only changing factor being the nature of what it means to be “at it,” again or otherwise.

But yeah, Jared Leto’s doing more stuff now. Amidst his bajillion other projects, the crown prince of ridiculous publicity photos (see above) has entered talks with Sony to star in an adaptation of the Valiant comic BloodshotDeadline clarifies that though the star has yet to make any firm commitments, he’s very much in the mix to portray the lead, a contract killer in the organized crime world who retreats into Witness Protection when he gets in too deep. His FBI handler turns out to be a mob plant, however, and kidnaps the man before forcibly injecting him with microscopic robots known as nanites. The mini-androids wipe his brain and turn him into a cybernetically-powered killing machine, in a plot that takes a little bit from Ghost in the Shell and a little bit from The Six Million Dollar Man. (Bloodshot’s skin is also as white as chalk. So he really has a type with these comic-book characters.)

And it wouldn’t be a comic-book movie announcement without murmurs of a connected universe not too far off. Bloodshot takes place within the same fictional world as the comic Harbinger, which Sony also purchased and plans to adapt into a film, with the intention of later weaving the two properties together in a crossover tentatively titled Harbinger Wars. So now we’ve all got a lot to look forward to, Leto-wise!

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