Terry Bradshaw is not happy with where the 2014 Super Bowl will be played this year.

The Shreveport native spoke with WFAN's Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts in New York about his gripes with this year's NFL championship game.

Sarcastically, Bradshaw thanked the commission and league officials for making the decision to host the game in New Jersey.

“And we all know why we’re in New York, it’s because they were paid for that stupid stadium in New Jersey," Bradshaw told WFAN.  "By the way, not a gorgeous stadium either."

He added that the Super Bowl should not have to be played in the snow and would be unfair to the teams playing to make them play in that environment.

Bradshaw doesn't like the idea of holding the Super Bowl in northern cities, but especially doesn't like the fact this year's is played outdoors.  Recent northern city Super Bowls have been played indoors.

The Hall of Famer told WFAN the recent snow-covered game in Philadelphia this past weekend is proof that holding an outdoor Super Bowl in New York is a bad idea.

He added, "I just think as a viewer, we deserve to be able to see some sunshine from Montana and Iowa and Minnesota."

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