University of Louisiana System President Dr. Jim Henderson gives his impression of the legislative hearings looking into Title IX violations at LSU.

The university's general counsel, Winston DeCuir, testified in front of members of Senate Select Committee on Women and Children. DeCuir again stated that LSU employees that had previously been asked to testify were absent because of recently filed suits against the school by an athletic department employee.

Henderson, who attended the committee hearing, said, "There were a lot of pointed questions from legislators. This is the third hearing of this committee that's doing some incredible work."

When asked about the fact that no LSU employees have been dismissed amidst the reports of years of sexual harassment and abuse in the athletic department, Henderson says, "Those are decisions that LSU has to make and I think that that the leadership reviewing what has taken place - the timeline, the culture, the policy - and they're going to evaluate what discipline can be brought."

Earlier this week, LSU associate athletic director Sharon Lewis filed suit claiming she has faced years of retaliation for trying to report sexual harassment charges against former head football coach Les Miles.

Henderson then speaks to the task of all universities to protect their students. "This is a core part of what we do," he says, "Title IX and protecting students. We are asked quite often, 'Do you have resources to be compliant?' We do, but compliance is not going to get us where we need to be. we need to expand our investments in this area. If you show me your budget, I'll tell you what your priorities are."

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