Well, "Snowmageddon 2021" has come and gone and, just like in previous years, though the indomitable spirit of folks across the ArkLaTex was severely tested, we strapped on our boots, braved the cold and dug out of the storm.

Okay. Not exactly.

In some spots across the area about four inches of snow fell, but most areas saw about two. And the temps across northwest Louisiana were steady, holding slightly above freezing overnight keeping most roadways safe.

But back in 2011 things were a little more hairy, so to speak. Snow and ice blanketed Shreveport and surrounding area, leading to closed roads and businesses across the region. And of course, it also led to innovative fun. Here's what KEEL's Erin McCarty wrote:

"...the craziest thing I've ever done at work has to be one morning...when we got about 3 inches of snow. The snow didn't stay on the ground for long, but it was long enough for me to grab the keys to the KVKI van and get my daredevil co-worker Jay Whatley from K945 and head out to the parking lot for a little redneck sledding. I was the driver. Jay was the sledder. I really wish I was the one on that little plastic sled, but I don't think there are enough doctors in town to take care of me had I fallen. I do want to apologize to all the corporate big shots and attorneys for this "irresponsible act". It was just too much fun to resist and no one was hurt and the van is ok."


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