Shreveport police believe they have arrested the man who has been preying on women, robbing them and beating them with a baseball bat. Mario Roberts was arrested Thursday night after a brief chase with police. Roberts was allegedly brought in for questioning when he attempted to flee the police station on foot.

Cpl. Marcus Hines told KSLA that Shreveport Police investigators are almost certain Roberts is the suspect who has allegedly been committing heinous and vicious crimes through out the city over the past month.

Roberts was found to be in possession of several stolen items linked to the recent string of vicious attacks. Roberts is booked on charges of flight from an officer and being in possession of stolen goods. He could face numerous other charges after police finish processing evidence related to the robberies.

The bat bandit has been attacking the elderly and women in secluded areas near business complex since early January. The attacker would sneak up behind his victims, violently beat them with a baseball and take their possessions.

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